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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

–It depends on: size, areas (Houston), cities, and length of publication (how many weeks) you desire.  
–The longer the ad campaign the lower the rate gets and the better the results.  *exceptions are seasonal campaigns like Holidays or Political adverts which only need run for a shorter time.
–However, be careful, advertising can be cheaper or more costly but “the Cheapest ad is the one that Works”
–We are the low risk solution
–Please contact us at 1-866-630-3130 and ask to speak to a sales representative to get a quote with no obligation.

— We offer “tracking phone numbers” or an alias to your phone number that can provide you with a statistical report of who and how many calls were received.
— Recordings can be made for quality and training purposes
— Our website also has click reports for each ad which access by users.
— You can also put coupons or specials that are unique that will help you identify customers from our publication and website.

— We have a dedicated staff of designers who will build the ad for you and at no extra charge. 
..(exceptions are made for complicated designs or translations)

–Yes, we have 10 separate areas in Houston and/or you can target Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso (El Paso is only web for time being).

— A steady budget over a longer period of time is more effective than a larger ad size for a short period of time
— The headline or main message provides 80% of the impact of your ad – so make it a great one!!  Ask our advertising specialist for details

..For your convenience, the following are acceptable forms of payment
–Check and Credit Card payments (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) and PayPal are acceptable payment methods.
–All advertising campaigns must be paid in advance or a credit application must be submitted 10 days prior

The most common advertisement size is currently 790×90, 250×250 and 250×120 pixels.

The size is measured by columns (which are 1.5 inches wide) and inches for the height.   There is a .25 gutter between columns. What we refer to as a 2×2 is 3.25 wide by 2 inches high or about the size of business card.  

— Our publication and website is geared toward the Hispanic Family
— We do not accept Abortion clinics, Sex industry advertising or ads with nudity,
— In addition, Management holds right to refuse any advertising that is considered offensive.

See our page on this site called “Sizes – Tamaños” or Click here

Preguntas Frecuentes

Todo depende el tamaño, frecuencia y cuantas áreas o ciudades desea.  Normalmente entre más semanas compra más bajo sale el costo y más efectivo es su inversión y la campaña

Tenemos números que restrean las llámadas que le da reportes de las llámadas para prensa y por WEB se puede medir por usuario que hace “clique” o entra en el anuncio.

“Bajo Costo de entrada”. La publicidad de periódico ofrece más clientes potenciales por menos dinero que cualquier otro medio.   Los lectores del periódico Buena Suerte son compradores.  El formato del periódico es para juntar compradores con servicios y productos directamente en su área.

Anuncio instantáneo, se publica hoy y enseguida empieza a trabajar.  Se puede ver día y noche.  Se puede acceder desde la casa a conveniencia del cliente o el lector.

Tenemos un equipo dedicado de diseñadores que crearan su anuncio para usted sin ningún cargo extra. 
(Excepciones serán hechas en casos de diseños complicados o traducciones.) 

Sí, tenemos 10 áreas en Houston o puede enfocarse en las ciudades de Dallas, San Antonio, Austin o El Paso.  (Por ahora El Paso es solamente para el web) 

Para su conveniencia se acepta tarjeta de crédito (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), cheque, o paypal.  También puede llenar una solicitud para crédito (con 5 días para procesar, por pavor) 

Los Tamaños más común de web son: 790×90, 250×250, 250×120